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It has always intrigued me that no one has invented something that can jam or disrupt the loop. Would simply jamming a large coil under your car be enough to disrupt it to give a false reading? There must be someone working on this.

Any input is appreciated .

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Somebody of us tried in the past but didn't spend enough time on succeeding in it. Its also not very interesting in the Netherlands because 99% of speed camera's with inducted loop are placed near traffic signals.

Germany is a different story but the ones I know I frequently skip by just driving on the wrong side of the road for a moment. :zzz:

Avoiding is always better then curing, you must have real confidence in your work that it works 100% of the time. Same with radar jamming, better to know the traps and brake then trying to block measurement and die trying.

Die hard
Besides the arguments above, keep in mind that other equipment with induction loops will not work either anymore eg. Barriers in parkinglots, traffic lights

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