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Hi all,

Let me introduce myself: I am Kenneth, 22 years old, from the UK.
My girlfriend is from Erica, in Drenthe in the Netherlands and so I am trying to learn Dutch as I hope to live there one day. :)
I am a junior software developer and specialized in mobile apps.

I am thinking of writing a program, for my CarPC that is also running my webcams (in the nose and the trunk of my Laguna). Currently it is a 'dumb' camera, only recording as a dashcam.
I want it to recognise license plates... in particular: Police license plates.

They are constantly recording us, and they use a database with our plates, right?
I want this program to give me a headsup, whenever a unmarked patrol car is in front or behind me.
Does anyone know if something like this is already there (before I start coding on something that's already around...)
I already noticed there's a license plate database ready on this site?

Any idea's are welcome, I am happy to "Sparren" (if that is the correct Dutch word), so we can make something nice.

my opinion ? these cams (and dashcams also) suck if you want to read / interpret licenseplates of cars further away then 5 mtr from the car.
Maybe it will work with a zoom lens ...

I tried this. Using a good camera it is possible, your main problem will be the OCR (ANPR) algorithm. It won't work with a "normal" dashcam, you will need a longer focal length. My project failed, but it was able to read some plates. You can download trial versions of commercial programs, and those are able to do this. I can imagine a Raspberry Pi with a camera to do just this........

Thanks for the swift replies :)
I'm not sure about what optics I would like to use, but something like http://www.pannin.com/lpr_Mobile.html looks promising (although I'm not sure if it's available for the public)
For the hardware of my CarPC I'm currently using a Nexus 7 Tablet, but I'm thinking of upgrading to a Intel NUC system, with the i5 option. (I guess that should suffice?)

And (also because of the limitations) I was also thinking of making it communicate like Waze...
If more then 1 user is driving a certain road, and the first car misses the police vehicle.. then some other car can automatically alert all other cars in the vicinity. (like Waze). If you catch my drift?

Still a lot of drafting currently

Weet de weg
Yuo can use ready application for this. Put it in laptop and use. Link - www.videoanalitika.lt

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